29 February 2012

2day in pictures

Woke up at lunchtime after a marathon sleep ...
Turned on the telly to see absolutely  fabulous , repeats whilst...

Sat scheming on how i can sneak into my big sisters room to borrow her cowboy hat ready for the weekend dress up ...with out her knowing....
Read a book :) .. yes I can hear you now , saying how exciting my day is :p ha-ha ...
Had a bubble bath haha :p had some 'thinking' time ....

Then I had a great idea so i went to my bed room ...
And this is the male version of me :p lool logging on to blogger to put together this pointless post
The End :-)

14 February 2012

Oh la la!

CNN: What's your strongest memory?
BB: The day when I decided to stop everything.
CNN: When you think back to your cinematic career, what makes you the most proud?
BB: That it gave me the profile that today allows me to fight against the suffering of animals.
CNN: Out of your numerous films, which is your favorite, and why?
BB: "En cas de malheur" with Jean Gabin. I was face to face with a superstar of French cinema, which intimidated me greatly at the time.
"La Vérité" by Henri Georges Clouzot. A superb role but a devilish Clouzot.
"L'Ours et la Poupée" with Jean Pierre Cassel, who made a wonderful partner and friend.
CNN: If you had the opportunity to make a film today, with which director would you like to work? And alongside which actors?
BB: Oh la la! The page has turned. Cinema is finished for me.
CNN: Can you describe the spirit of Cannes in five words?
BB: Dream, glamour, glitz, international, artificial.
CNN: Can you tell us about your first impressions of Cannes and 1955 and your most precious memories of the festival?
BB: The first time that I came to Cannes, I think it was in 1953, I was 18 and unknown. I came with Roger Vadim, my husband, who was a journalist with Paris Match, who had to interview Leslie Caron.

At the time of this first visit in 1953, I followed Vadim as a reporter on an American airplane carrier en route to Cannes. On board, the commandant received Leslie Caron, Lana Turner, Gary Cooper, Kirk Douglas and lots of others for a party. Totally unknown and very intimidated, I hid behind Vadim when the commandant greeted me and shouted to the crew in the middle of the bridge, "That's Brigitte!" Not knowing how to answer, I said, "Hello, men!" Everyone went crazy! The sailors lifted me up and carried me around in triumph, shouting, "Bridget! Bridget!" They had no idea who I was because I was nobody.

In 1967, it was far less funny. The crowd and the press were hysterical, and hustled me, crushed me and abused me. Everyone said the police were completely overwhelmed. It's an atrocious thing to remember, but it was to please my husband at the time, Gunter Sachs, who was showing a film made in Kenya, which I'm sure wouldn't have been shown without my presence. That was 40 years ago, and I've never been back.
cnn 2007interview with Brigitte Bardot

oh so pretty

“When I'm 100 I'll still be doing pin-ups.
Jayne Mansfield

13 February 2012

Julie and her page three girl

Artwork by Julie Verhoeven

Don’t regret mistakes, at least you tired

Plans for 2012

I leave university this summer, July 16th is graduation day... eek!! It’s also my 22nd birthday that month and the first time I haven’t been in education..scary !!
I own my own market stall on weekends with my mother, it’s great and I really enjoy it. I think I will keep that up for extra income once I leave uni but I really want is to travel ...

Convert today’s regrets into tomorrow’s goals

Always go out into nature and be amazed by how lovely everything is. Smell the flowers, enjoy the sunrise / sunset, and learn to love the wind in your hair..

If your happy and you know it ..thank your ex

After Taste