18 January 2011

Marie Antoinette party?

I loved the Marie Antoinette film when it came out but the rest of England didn’t agree and it didn’t fare so well. Are they mad!!?! Why didn’t people like it? I went to the cinema five times to see that film! Then waited weeks till I could get a copy on DVD. The costumes were amazing! Especially liked the ball they went to. If only I could have a party like that! I love dressing up and my friends don’t tend to. ...One day I will do a Marie Antoinette party and if they don’t want to dress up I will have a few drinks and Get dressed up by myself! Lol I want a carriage as well! Wouldn’t that be amazing? xxx

17 January 2011

Meet ya at the station Frank

I got a Sinatra biography from a friend as a present  and I haven’t put it down! Always read it on the commute to London. I must admit, I get some looks. But I don’t care! I bet loads of twenty year olds love him too...right?

12 January 2011

Frida Kahlo to Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain  Diary
Today we had a lesson about our visual diaries and for examples we had some excellent choices. Kurt Cobain journals and Frida Kahlo Diary. The way they just poured their hearts out into their books is so inspiring and freeing. To be yourself.
Kurt  had over 20 note books
 Frida Kahlo
The last entry in Kahlo's diary read, "I hope the leaving is joyful and I hope never to return."
 Frida Kahlo
 Frida Kahlo Diary
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