6 July 2011

Play with fire...

‘In the year 2000 you’re going to have a problem...Leisure time will be a problem in the year 2000...I just want you to realise ...I want to make sure that you know of it now..’ Edie Quote

Finally! After nearly a year since lending my book out to a friend, I have finally got it back!... I bought this book way back in 2006 . From then on I have been an Edie geek, totally obsessed (in a good way) with everything Edie Sedgwick. Now I have my book back, I find myself carrying it everywhere with me, just like I did used to . I must of read and looked at this book about a million times! The other day when I was roaming aimlessly around in Bethnal Green and I found myself looking at an old tattered fur coat and saying to myself, ‘this is so Edie!’ I bought the coat straight away and have been wearing it everywhere. Here in London we have been having some warm weather but it hasn’t stopped me from putting the coat on, why would it!? :) I have been wearing black tights again with ballerina pumps, long eyelashes and tiny sequins slips of dresses.. I think, I have to admit that the Edie influence is back in my wardrobe with some force!

Here are some snaps I took from one of my Edie books called Girl on Fire by Melissa Painter and David Weisman, I think it was around £30 pounds when I bought in 2006 . In the back of the book there is a CD with clips of Edie herself taking about her life. ( Recorded in 1970 Santa Barbara, California, named The Ciao! Manhattan Tapes) Enjoy :)

A letter from Edie to Andy Warhol

A page on Edie's art work and sculpture

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