4 December 2010

The work of Richard Bram-No models, No set ups. Just real life

I was trying to some up Richard’s work but I think he says it better... “I’m a Street Photographer. Most of my photographs originate there, in the random chaos of the street, in the ambient weirdness of everyday life.”
“I expose some film nearly every day, and always carry a camera: anything could occur. It keeps me alert and awake to the world around me, even while simply on my way somewhere on an unrelated errand. These images are my personal visual diary: they are not staged or created artificially. Reality is strange enough..”( Quote Richard Bram)


  1. i love his approach, there are so many things happening around us and hardly anyone can notice... love his pictures! xx

  2. :) me2, inspiration from real life is so much more exciting xxx

  3. great pics thanks for sharing xxxx


hELLOO :-)