4 December 2010

"Young London, Permissive Paradise",- Frank Habicht

Above:The East End 1966
For me the sixties style was best captured through the lens of Frank Habicht..... With the exception of Brian Duffy /David Bailey. I’m still debating with myself who’s better?!?!?..... Frank was out on the streets from Chelsea to the East End. From Mick Jagger and the rolling stones to the gorgeous Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.... His image of the girl at the rolling stones concert in 1969 has been plastered on my bedroom door since secondary school. I can’t tell you how many times I have looked at that image for inspiration. xxx
Britannia rules the waves 1965
Amazed to be
Rolling Stones concert 1969
The Rolling Stones
Till death do us part.
Live it to the hilt!
                                                           Chelsea 1966


  1. absolutely LOVE your blog! the images are so inspiring, and yes- the girl from the concert looks stunning! xx

  2. Amazing images of the 60's love the style of that girl at the Stones Concert xoxo

  3. London in the swinging 60s must have been the most amazing place.
    Your university course sounds really interesting, do you ever post your work on your blog?

  4. Dear SB, what lovely pictures. I have posted the one of the girl at the Rolling Stones concert before but never knew where it was taken or when. I was born in 1969, a good year but sadly also missed the Sixties. Thank you for your lovely comments at mine. I'm your newest follower xx

  5. Hi Christina, I’m a follower of you too :) xxx

  6. omg, why couldn't i grow up in the 1960s? All my fave bands are from that decade, especially what some would call the Swinging 60s. Jeez, I'd love to see the Stones playing at places like Hyde Park, the Marquee Club, or any of the other places where they played. Because I've been an avid listener of The Rolling Stones since 2008. My step dad is the one who introduced their music to me, he has a lot of their albums and he introduced their music to me, thank God for him! But mainly i would love to experience the large boom of music more commonly known as the British Invasion, that area of history produced some of the best bands to date, like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc. The 1960s are my fave decade, because of the fasion, music, everything!!!!

  7. Man, to be able to grow up in the Swinging British 60s, I'd give my left arm, I swear. And this one friend of mine seems to think that the British 60s are just like that movie Austin Powers, I really don't think it was like that. If you've never seen this movie, Austin Powers is supposed to be a British spy from the 60s, his car has the British flag on it and it's a Camaro. It's really funny because you have to wonder if it was really like that? lol.


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