12 January 2011

Frida Kahlo to Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain  Diary
Today we had a lesson about our visual diaries and for examples we had some excellent choices. Kurt Cobain journals and Frida Kahlo Diary. The way they just poured their hearts out into their books is so inspiring and freeing. To be yourself.
Kurt  had over 20 note books
 Frida Kahlo
The last entry in Kahlo's diary read, "I hope the leaving is joyful and I hope never to return."
 Frida Kahlo
 Frida Kahlo Diary
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  1. I really liked kurt's journals.
    I felt weird about buying them like it was an invasion of privacy but they're already out there...
    I think even if he was depressed, he was still witty and funny.
    I could relate to a lot of what he wrote

  2. I understand, I felt guilty too but couldn't resist to have a peak

    Felt very protective over him whilst reading it, didn't you?

  3. ...Like I wanted to help him xxx

  4. This is so interesting! It does feel a little like an invasion of privacy looking at them, but wow, I would absolutely love to see one of these for real!



hELLOO :-)