17 January 2011

Meet ya at the station Frank

I got a Sinatra biography from a friend as a present  and I haven’t put it down! Always read it on the commute to London. I must admit, I get some looks. But I don’t care! I bet loads of twenty year olds love him too...right?


  1. Ummm I do! Frank Sinatra is the man. And I love the picture! I am really loving the blog so far, and it is so cool you're from LCF. Can't wait to read more! Cheers x

  2. he was gorgeous!!love him!

  3. I may not listen to him, but I will not and i refuse to say that he was bad. He was a very good musician, but I get looks all the time because I read this Rolling Stones biography. People will ask me how do I know about them because they were way before my time and I simply tell them the same thing I always say if someone asks, my stepdad. And I always give them a surprised look by saying that if I were Mick Jagger's age, and he asked me to marry him, I'd say yes in a heartbeat because I think that he has an incredibly sexy bod for 67 years old! I lvoe seeing the funny looks on people's faces, it's priceless! LOL! :) :) :) But yeah, don't worry about the looks people give you, you like what you like, don't let anyone tell you who to be!!!


hELLOO :-)