23 May 2011

You will live on screen forever...

Here are some of my old family’s home movie stills, I thought these stills would be nice to show as they are from my auntie’s 1966 wedding. With yellow knee high boots, beehives, purple suits and cat like green glasses. The home movie is fascinating to watch. It’s certainly weird seeing my mum as a two year old running around my aunts garden in a tiny baby dolls dress.
Hope you like the fashion and get the urge to raid your own families old movies :) 
Aunty Queen wore a short brown coat with a white fur trim for her Wedding day along with jack’s suit  dark purple.
On the left is my uncle and on the right is my two year old mother<3
My nanny P's funky glasses
More 60s to come, we have one from 1965 which i will post next time :) xxxx


  1. Aww I love these! The hairdoos are quite something! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. aww thank you dizzy miss lizzy :) xxx

  3. Those glasses are totally cool. When I look at them, I'm reminded of all these pictures of girls waiting in line to see The Beatles in concert, I think it's totally awesome to watch old family movies and see how your family was when they were younger, it's so cool!


hELLOO :-)