19 March 2012

Random Piece of useless info for u ...

So excited!! In September I will be going to Egypt for  6 weeks with my brother and some friends. I can’t wait to see the  pyramids and as everyone knows I’m a big geek ....I absolutely love history . History and geography were my favourite subjects at school (plus art).

Now,,,  I’m off to bed ... (in the U.K its just turned seven o clock in the afternoon ha-ha but I’m so tired )

Feel so ill it’s unreal !!

 Nite xxx


  1. Ur, not a geek. I love history too, so ur not alone. I'd love to visit China one day because of the history. And like u, in school art and history were my fave sbujects. Probably one of the few subjects that I passed easily. Math, not so much, lol

  2. :) me 2 !! I didnt do so well with maths haha xx


hELLOO :-)